Friday, August 31, 2012

Propulsion Hall of Fame Inductee #8: “The Sopranos – Season #2 Premiere” for HBO (1999)

It was just reported last week that several of the stars of HBO’s hit series “The Sopranos” will be reuniting to take part in a new movie on Nickelodeon called “Nicky Deuce”. This announcement jogged our memory to 1999 when HBO called upon Propulsion (then still called Paul Turner Productions) to produce a series of regional radio spots promoting the season two premiere of the Sopranos.  The spot at the link below ran in the Baltimore market.  #63 Jon S is the announcer.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Propulsion Hall of Fame Inductee #7: “Drop-In” for Halftime Beverages (2003)

Everyone remember the big opening ceremony production from this Summer’s Olympics where James Bond and Queen Elizabeth “dropped” in from a plane?  Well would you believe that the team at Propulsion did something similar for Halftime Beverages 9 years before?  Take a listen to this spot as Britain’s #1 secret agent discovers the best place to buy beer by “dropping in” at this New York beverage retailer.  #51 Chris R lends his vocal acrobatics to impersonating 007 while #19 Kelli C assists as the announcer.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Propulsion Hall of Fame Inductee #6: “Promo Montage” for Howard Stern (2001)

The semi-finals for this season of America’s Got Talent are just around the corner, and we’re sure to hear the candid opinions of legendary media icon and AGT judge Howard Stern.  Did you know that Propulsion Media Labs was an integral part of Howard’s nationally-syndicated radio show throughout the 1990’s until 2001?  With Paul Turner as the primary imaging voice, Propulsion’s production team was responsible for creating a majority of the promos, bumpers, and rejoins that took millions of listeners in and out of commercial breaks.  Take a listen to this short montage.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Interns: Where Are They Now? - Andrew Goodwin

Our next Propulsion Media Labs former intern spotlight is on Andrew Goodwin.  Andrew interned from January to May 2012.

Andrew’s fondest memory here at Propulsion was getting the intern team’s ideas approved for the monthly spot giveaway contest.  It took a lot of revising!

Andrew is now a photojournalist and editor for 69 News, WFMZ-TV.  It is his responsibility to shoot footage for stories they report on daily, as well as gather interviews if necessary. When working with a reporter on a package they wrote it is then his responsibility to shoot it as well as edit it for the time slot it's scheduled for.

For more information on Andrew check him out at:

Friday, August 10, 2012

Propulsion Hall of Fame Inductee #5: “Action Figure” for The Philadelphia Soul (2003)

Congrats to the AFL’s Philadelphia Soul who are in New Orleans today to take on the Arizona Rattlers in Arena Bowl XXV.  When the Soul got their start, it was Propulsion Media Labs that “kicked off” their inaugural radio campaign in style.  Then owners Jon Bon Jovi and Ron Jaworksi were in session with Propulsion to bring some life into this “Action Figure” concept.  Voice talent #72 Michael I. is credited with the announcer portion.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Interns: Where Are They Now? - Lisa Zelig

Our next Propulsion Media Labs former intern spotlight is on Lisa Zelig.  Lisa interned with us in Summer 2009.

Lisa’s fondest memory of interning with us was at shooting a commercial at a local carpet and flooring center. She also enjoyed hanging with Tom in his audio suite picking out jams and sound effects for the many radio spots that came through the door.

Today Lisa is the Office Manager and Associate Producer at Boston Digital Editing, a 4 person production company in downtown Boston. They create corporate videos, awareness documentaries, fundraising and web videos, and a variety of other projects. Lisa is the point person between the clients and her crew. For larger projects she writes scripts and handles every aspect of production from casting to scheduling to shooting and finally to post supervision. She is also in charge of writing budgets, proposals, and generating sales.

Her advice to industry newcomers is to know that “work ebbs and flows” and that sometimes you may be slammed or every one of your proposals might get tabled for a year.  To get through it you should stay dedicated and find the right group of people to work with.

For more information on Lisa check out her company’s work at

Friday, August 3, 2012

Propulsion Hall of Fame Inductee #4: "Splash Island" for Wild Adventures Super Park (2003)

This summer’s heat waves have everyone thinking about cooling off in the pool, so we “backstroke” to 2003 when Propulsion “dove head first” into this Caribbean-themed production for Splash Island and Wild Adventures Super Park in Valdosta, GA.

Voice credit goes to #44 Llou J.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Interns: Where Are They Now? - Amanda Dunfee

Our next Propulsion Media Labs former intern spotlight is on Amanda Dunfee.  Amanda interned with us from May 2009 to August 2009.

Amanda’s fondest memory during her internship was creating the final intern video.  She found it empowering to finally see all the skills she attained during her internship to come together in one project.  Amanda had this to say: “The creative freedom that was given during the project was really great. It really allowed all of the interns to rally together for a really memorable production. I couldn’t think of a better way to wrap up the summer!”

Today Amanda works as a Marketing Coordinator at Biztech, an Oracle Platinum Specialized Partner, in King of Prussia, PA. Biztech does full life cycle implementations and upgrades utilizing the Oracle applications as well as providing remote database and Business Intelligence services to their customers. As the Marketing Analyst, she works closely with their Sales Team to spread the word. 

Her advice to new interns, learned from long hours searching for a job she loved post-college, is to keep your head down and never give up.

For more information on Amanda check her out on LinkedIn.