Meet Our Team

Chris Craft, President/Owner - Chris is the alpha dog that guides PML to success. As the owner of the company, Chris is indeed in charge. He enjoys wearing khaki shorts and flip flops, but he works hard so he can wear whatever he wants! One of Chris’ coolest achievements is being inducted into the Villanova Hall of Fame for Swimming. Once, Chris beat Michael Phelps in a race with an anchor tied to him. A natural problem solver, Chris can solve a Rubik’s Cube and a Sudoku at the same time.

Corey Dissin, Vice President/General Manager - Corey is the Consigliore to Chris’ Don. As the “enforcer” at PML, he’s responsible for keeping all of Propulsion’s employees, clients, and vendors pulling on the same side of the rope – and even though he rides a Harley and looks like a WWE cast-off, he manages to do it minus the headlocks and bodyslams. With humble beginnings dating back to 1993 as an administrative assistant and then an audio producer, he earned his VP stripes, and now enjoys his own office with a side yard view, an extremely comfy looking desk chair and some posters of his favorite things, like the Sopranos, the Godfather and Muhammad Ali. When he’s not calling the shots at PML’s helm, Corey delivers motivational speeches to area high schools and colleges preaching the importance of hard work and sweat equity.

Mike Remp, Senior Account Coordinator – As a Kutztown University graduate, Mike was not exactly sure what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. After performing in the Traveling Circus and relentlessly puffing on his e-cigarette, he found himself at Propulsion and has since been with the company for 8 years. If you look closely, you can see that Mike has a coffee mug surgically attached to his right hand, to allow a constant flow of caffeine so that he is energized enough to keep up with the many plates he spins.

Darren Exley, Account Coordinator - Grass grows, fish swim, and Darren hunts for deals. He’s famous for getting a flat-screen TV for only $100 and another time he got two free cheesesteaks with the purchase of just a small bag of potato chips. Legend has it that he once got Billy Mays himself to trade a 6-month supply of Oxyclean for 5 paperclips and a ball of navel lint. When he’s not perusing Groupon, he does manage to make sure our clients’ spots are top priority. A master of all things internet related, Darren is the design genius behind Propulsion's email newsletter, the PML Blog and the company Facebook fan page.

Tom Trzesniowski, Senior Audio Producer - Tom, in his fashionable Addidas track jacket and designer sneakers, works down in one of the audio dungeons. Subsisting on a diet of Chicken McNuggets and Mountain Dew, he’s the resident ProTools officianado, and he supervises a majority of the voice talent sessions - which is the only time he's allowed contact with other humans during the day. Tom is first to admit he’s the lone super-fan of the 80’s sitcom “Night Court”, and he’s famous for quoting the animated series, Pinky and the Brain. One of his favorites is “never underestimate the power of a free t-shirt.”

Scott Spaulding, Audio Producer – Scott seems to be a little on the quieter side. For being an audio production wiz in charge of making ear-piercing, hard-hitting commercials, one would think he’d be a little louder. He’s so quiet and low-key that he once went an entire week without anyone knowing he was actually in the office. Scott is a die-hard Buffalo sports fan, which is impressive since Buffalo sports haven’t been relevant since the 90’s. One time, Scott won tickets to the Super Bowl by entering a contest and voting for himself using 100 fake email accounts he created.

Andrew Kunkle, Senior Video Producer - When he’s not being mistaken for Zach Galifanakis, Andrew is behind the camera shooting footage or busting out motion-graphic masterpieces in After Effects. He’ll often stroll around the office with his “pimp stick” to make sure none of his subordinates get out of line because (as he says) “Pimpin ain’t easy, but it’s necessary.” If you catch him at the right moment, you may witness one of his awesome dance routines with extremely original moves that he learned from N’SYNC. He lives his life by a simple philosophy, ”I don’t really ever know what I’m doing.”

Matt DiPippa, Video Producer - When Matt isn’t turning TV spot concepts into bricks of gold, he’s saving the lives of animals from the depths of despair. When it comes to animal care, Matt makes Noah look like Cruella Deville. Matt owns a couple animals, including 2 dogs, a bird, a cat, five dolphins, three kangaroos and a unicorn. Okay, maybe not the last couple but you get the idea.
Kevin Grove, Audio/Video Producer - The newest kid on the block is Kevin, better known as KG, who is rapping his way into our hearts. He is kind of a big deal back in his hometown of Downingtown aka the burro. When he’s not being our newest audio producer, he’s making the big bucks at Walmart, selling the hard over-the-counter drugs. All in all, Kevin is the all-American son we never had.

Michael Edwards, Video Producer - Born in the UK and proud of it. Award winning filmmaker, Delaware rock star and part-time weirdo. He enjoys spicy food, craft beers and has only pooped twice in his whole life. He now resides in Delaware and is in a relationship with a Philly Roller Girl. Mike left PML in 2008 to run for president of the USA, but found out he couldn't because he was born on the wrong side of the Atlantic. He is now back at Propulsion because he misses the dorm-like feel in the office. Oh, and he started the video department here at PML.

Susan Johnson, Office Manager - Susan is the financial superglue that holds PML together. Between processing invoices and paying all the bills, she’s solely responsible for instituting book-balancing as an official event in the 2012 Summer Olympics. The default “mom” of the group,” she’s even been known to call employees to make sure they wake-up on time, especially Matt.

Lisa Jobs, Account Manager - When Lisa isn’t contorting her limbs into impossible yoga poses, she’s out drumming up business as Propulsion’s all-star Account Manager. As a seasoned sales vet, Lisa can sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves. A self-proclaimed health food nut, she spends her spare time hunting down and throwing out the office stashes of Mountain Dew and Funyuns. Don’t let her sunny demeanor fool you... Lisa is one tough hockey and lacrosse mom that makes Sarah Palin look like Snow White.