Thursday, August 8, 2013

New TV show on CNBC features both the car and production biz

It’s safe to say that Propulsion Media Labs is inundated with hundreds of projects each month that are courtesy of the retail automotive business:  If we’re not churning out a bunch of radio spots, we’re most definitely editing factory footage or filming a local dealer principal on our green screen.  In the midst of all of that hustle and bustle, it’s not often we have the opportunity to see either the car or the production biz as part of pop-culture (other than seeing/hearing our some of our finished work during commercial breaks of our favorite programming). That’s no longer the case thanks to a new TV show. . .

The Profit (airing Monday nights on CNBC) follows entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis as he takes over struggling businesses for a week to help get them back on their feet. It just so happens that the debut episode not only features a New York used-car operation (Car Cash), but also contains a segment in which the Car Cash Marketing Manager was given the task to record a radio spot!  See for yourself here:


Kudos to Doug at Ultra Sound Rehearsal Studios for being part of the action. . .Can’t beat the free pub on a national cable network.  We’ll have to track down Marcus so he calls PML next time!

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